Pop-up Weddings


When you’re in the party rental business you never know what to expect. Usually we receive phone calls for events such as graduations, birthdays, weddings, benefits; you name it; but recently we were approached to provide rentals for a unique type of event… a pop-up wedding.

Pop-up weddings are great for those who want to avoid the hassle with traditional marriage ceremonies- managing guest lists, renting a venue, worrying about whether your crazy cousin Eddie will make one too many trips to the open bar — while still preserving the romance of the day.

The new Mr. and Mrs. were preparing their guest list when they realized the wedding grew bigger than them. So what would any normal couple do in this situation? Well, they decided to invite their closest friends and family over for a “wedding shower” at the bride’s parent’s house, and when the guests arrived to celebrate the couple’s engagement, they were stunned to find out they were really there for a surprise wedding after which they went to play at casinos in Alaska.

This pop-up wedding was a first for us at Four Seasons Tent Rental and, to our surprise; we really enjoyed preparing for it. The wedding wasn’t a huge traditional ceremony, it was small, intimate, romantic, and most importantly, what the bride and groom wanted.

So whether it’s a traditional ceremony or a spur of the moment pop-up wedding, we Four Seasons Tent Rental have proven to our clients, even to ourselves, that we can handle just about any event thrown our way. Give Four Seasons Tent Rental a call today and book your traditional (or non-traditional) wedding with us!

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