About Our Business

Where do we rent?
We focus on the Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky areas and service clients in the entire community. We can also take care of certain events in Dayton or Lexington upon request. Just give us a call. Does your company carry insurance? All of our employees are fully insured with appropriate Worker’s Compensation coverage. Additionally, we carry liability for any damage that we may do to your property while setting up your rental equipment. We can provide appropriate insurance certificates if required by a park board or other venue. What if we have to cancel? Our standard cancellation policy is to return one-half of your deposit if you cancel less than 30 days prior to the event. If cancellation is less than two weeks prior to the event, we will need to keep your deposit. Can we see the tent? Yes. We are happy to supply you with pictures of the tent and will make the tent available for you to view. This may require special scheduling. Please give us a call.


About Pricing

We try to maintain very competitive pricing.  Like most things in life, you can always spend more and you can usually find a cheaper alternative – but you often get what you paid for.  We strive to deliver value through good quality, clean equipment, fair prices, and great service.   We are also big fans of no surprises.  Give us a call so we can ask the questions about things you may have forgotten.  We will put together a comprehensive quote and normally can e-mail it right away.


About Setting Up Tents

How big of a tent will I need?
See our Planning Aids Section on the Website for help in determining the appropriate size tent.  We have nearly any type and size tent you may require.
Can you set up a tent on blacktop or concrete?
We can set up a tent nearly anywhere.  Anchoring a tent in blacktop normally requires drilling holes (which we fill when we are done).  Setting up a tent on concrete requires the use of either concrete or water filled counter weights.  We can also set up a tent over swimming pools or decks or nearly anything else you can think of.  Just call us to discuss your special needs.  If necessary, we can visit the site and review your options.
What about underground or overhead utility lines?
It’s very important to understand where underground lines are located.  We encourage you to call your local utility company and have underground lines marked prior to us installing the tent.  We cannot be responsible for any damage done to underground lines that we are not aware of.  Overhead lines can also be a concern.  It’s best to discuss this with our staff so that we can determine the height of the tent and how it might affect overhead power lines.
How much room do I need around the tent?
It’s best to plan for 10 feet on all sides of the tent.  (A 30’ x 50’ tent would require an area of 50’ x 70’).  That said, we have the ability to work with much smaller tolerances with special equipment.  Give us a call to discuss your situation.
When should I place my order?
As with all things, the sooner the better.  You’ll know you have your tent and other equipment reserved and will be good to go.  During particularly busy times, tents can get in short supply.  If you need us to hold a date on our calendar far into the future, we can do that and discuss deposit arrangements.
Do you have “Do It Yourself” tents?
No, we typically do not rent “do it yourself” tents.  All of our tents function best when they are set up by our professional and trained crew.
Do you have side walls for your tents?
Yes, we have a couple of styles of sidewalls that can be rented and added to your tent.  Sidewalls are an additional charge.
What is included in set-up?
  A typical set-up assumes that we can locate our truck within 25 feet of the tent or set-up area.  Normally our delivery includes complete set-up of the tent, installation of any lighting or other special equipment attached to the tent.  We typically leave the tables and chairs in a stack somewhere nearby and allow you to set these up to your own design.  At the same time, we are happy to discuss setting up all of this equipment to your exact specifications for a small additional fee.
Do I need to be present when you set-up the tent?
It certainly is recommended but not a necessity.  If no one is going to be present or if you are uncertain, please make sure it is clear where you would like to see your equipment installed.  We will use our best judgment, but can’t be responsible if the tent needs to be moved.
Why choose Four Seasons Tents?
Because we care about your event.  We will go the extra mile to make sure that you have the right equipment at the right time in the right place.  We want to earn your business for this occasion and all of your future events.


About Tents

What is the difference between a pole tent and a frame tent?
Very simply, pole tents will have a pole in the center of the canvas to keep the top up.  Frames are supported from the outside.  Often a frame tent is a preferred style for formal events.  For pictures of various pole and frame tents, please see the Gallery Section of our Website.  We are happy to discuss with you the difference in tents and how one might be most appropriate for your event.
How big a tent do I need?
Check out our Planning Aids Section on the Website for information on tent sizes and capacity based upon your type of event.
What about lighting options?
Typically, we can light the perimeter of the tent with small LED illumination which provides a nice glow.  Additionally, we have chandeliers available to hang from the center of the tent.   We also rent decorative rice paper lighting to help you set a particular mood or theme in the tent.  Pictures of some of these can be seen in the Gallery Section of the Website.
How big should the dance floor be?
No matter how hard you try there are some folks that just won’t dance.  In the Planning Aids Section of our Website, we have a chart to help you determine an appropriate dance floor size.
Can you heat or air condition my tent?
Certainly, anything is possible and available.  We can arrange for space heaters or an overall heating system for your tent and the same goes for air conditioning.
What am I forgetting?
Things to think about besides tents, tables and chairs include; linens, sashes, centerpieces, chair covers, china and glassware, extra tables for cocktails or gifts, coolers, stage set-up, sound system and more.  We can arrange for all of these – just give us a call.
Can I get a list of references?
Certainly, send us an e-mail or give us a call and we will put you in touch with people that have used our services for your type of event.
How do we handle ordering, paying, deposits, delivery fees, and all that stuff?
If it hasn’t been addressed, you might check our Policies Page.  Like any business, we have to have certain procedures.  The name of the company may say ‘Tent Rentals’, but we are in the service business.  Feel free to talk to us, we will work with you.



After we talk, we will forward a quotation to you with all of the appropriate charges.  To confirm your order you will need to sign the quotation form, send it to us together with the deposit payment. (You can also respond via e-mail and pay directly online). Once the deposit has been received, we will consider your order confirmed and will reserve the appropriate equipment for you at that time.
Our rates are based generally on a one day use.  We will normally set up the day before and take down the day after your event, although most weekend events are set up on Thursday or Friday and picked up on Monday.  Longer term rates are available, just give us a call.
We will always take a credit card for security purposes but you do not have to use that as your method of payment.  Cash or checks are also accepted.  A Deposit of 50% of the event is due to reserve and hold the equipment.  If you need to cancel less than 30 days before your event, we will withhold one-half of your deposit.  Deposits become non-refundable two weeks from the event.  The balance on your order is due two days before delivery of your equipment.
All orders involve a delivery charge which is based upon the amount distance from our warehouse in Northern Kentucky.  We will give you a delivery quote at the time we quote your equipment.  The delivery assumes that we will do it during normal working hours (Monday to Friday 9-4) usually the day before the beginning of your event.  It is also assumes that we can get our truck within 25 feet of the installation site and don’t have to negotiate a significant number of steps.  If you need some other arrangements, we are happy to work it out with you, but some things might require a small charge.   Please let us know.

We generally work with a minimum order of $100 if we are going to deliver something; however, you are welcome to pick up at our warehouse if you just need a few tables or chairs.

Once we have left our rental items at your site, the responsibility to them is yours.  To simplify, we can include a damage waiver of 7% on all rental orders.  This covers you for any type of normal breakage or damage to the equipment.  The damage waiver does not cover items that are not returned (are lost or stolen) or any excessive amount of breakage due to negligence.
We’re happy to adjust the number of tables or chairs up to two days before the event as we understand counts sometimes change  ( of course, this assumes we have the equipment….but we will do everything we can).
  While we carry liability insurance covering the actions of our employees while installing tents,  it’s important that you recognize tents are only a temporary structure and not intended to be waterproof in heavy rains or to provide shelter in the event of storms.  The customer assumes all weather related risks involved in holding an outdoor tented event and we encourage you to take all appropriate precautions.
We cannot allow any cooking under or very near the tent as it causes problems.  (This does not include typical chafing dishes or carving stations).
It’s your responsibility to have the site of the tent ready when we arrive to set-up.  Have the lawn mowed, remove furniture, generally create a clear area for tent set up.  Unless you’ve contracted with us to breakdown tables and chairs, we ask that you have the tables and chairs stacked and readily accessible for our loading.
Special instructions for handling linens will be provided by the delivery crew.  Generally shaking out any food and keeping the linens on the tables is the best arrangement.   We will have to charge if linens are damaged through excessive wax or other problems.   We will be fair and trust you will as well.